How to Rent a Container

Sooner or later, every homeowner needs to rent a dumpster. Common reasons for renting a container from Action Dumpsters in Maryland, include home remodeling or renovation projects, cleaning and properly managing yard waste, getting rid of construction waste and so on. You can also rent a dumpster if you are planning a garage cleanout or if you are doing a major roof repair or roof replacement. Besides homeowners, a dumpster can be rent by many different businesses, public and private institutions for various projects that include proper and safe waste management. Before renting a dumpster, you should decide what kind of container do you need, what size and for what purpose.

Types and Size of Container Rentals

There are many types of container you can rent. Every dumpster available for rent is designed with a specific purpose and has its own uses. Besides this, dumpsters can also be distinguished by their sizes. The way they load and the way they are transported. The sizes of dumpsters range from 2 cubics to 40 yards. 2 cubic dumpsters are small and sufficient to accommodate home remodeling projects, yard and garage cleanouts and similar. Large 40-yard roll off containers are used to accommodate business and construction projects.

Basic Dumpster Rental Tips

It is not necessary to have an enormous amount of waste in order to rent a dumpster. To meet your waste management needs in an efficient and cost-efficient way, all you need to do is to contact a professional container rental service. These professionals will make sure you get the type of container that meets your current needs at an affordable price.

Home Clean UpBefore renting a dumpster, consider how long you need it. If you plan on renting a larger roll off dumpster, these professionals will usually give it to you only for a week or two. Small renovation projects should take around one or two weeks to complete, but if you have a larger project in mind, such as building an entire section onto your house, you will need a lot more time. In that case, you should work out the details with your dumpster rental provider.

Hire a Local Company

We advise you to rent dumpster locally. If you go for local service, you will pay a lower price. Have in mind that a lot of smaller dumpster rental services are locally and family owned. Therefore they don’t have such overhead expenses as bigger waste management companies. Also, have in mind that the price of the rental depends on the area of the country you live in. The price can also vary depending on the size of the dumpster you are interested in. In most cases, if the company is located near you, you will get a more affordable rental price.

However, to make sure you have chosen the right local company, call at least two or three roll off rental services and compare their pricing and featured services. Common featured services include same day pick up, discounts for cash, discounts on longer rental periods and so on. Opt for a dumpster rental company that best meets your needs.


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